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The Deleters of Worlds might already be obsolete

After their Raw Tag Team Championship loss to The B-Team in the pay-per-view (PPV) opening match at Extreme Rules on July 15, Matt Hardy of Deleters of Worlds posted this on Twitter...

Matt’s always working, so it’s likely this is either him starting an angle between Bray Wyatt and himself for Raw, or making sure fans are talking about them despite a lack of plans for them on Monday nights.

But it’s worth wondering what happened to a pairing everyone was pretty excited about earlier this year. Their feud-ending “Ultimate Deletion” match/segment was well received, and set off weeks of speculation about what was next for Wyatt. Everyone popped when he returned on the WrestleMania 34 pre-show to help Matt win The Andre The Giant Memorial, and that quickly led to winning the belts in Saudi Arabia.

After that?

There are multiple culprits for the gradual decline in interest in The Deleters of Worlds. Hopes of a more radical transformation for Bray, or any of their opponents, or any kind of substantial follow-up or escalation of “Ultimate Deletion”-type antics never came to be. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are a blast, but they’re also fan favorites with a fresher schtick than Hardy’s, making it more fun to cheer for them than the babyface champions. Wyatt’s car accident took him off television for a week, during a time where creative seemed more intent on building B-Team than reminding us why we liked The Deleters of Worlds in the first place.

Raw’s tag scene isn’t exactly booming, but aside from Axel and Dallas, the other teams are heels, so Bray and Matt could feud with whichever of The Revival, Authors of Pain or Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre don’t start something with B-Team. But if WWE isn’t going to give us the weirdness that made us want Bray & Matt together in the first place...

Maybe it’s time for all of US to move on.

What do you think, Woken Warriors?

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