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The Rock says a lot of flattering things about WWE to avoid saying he’s done wrestling

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is doing all the press leading up to the release of his new movie Skyscraper on Fri, July 13. That included the above chat with Cathy Kelley and a WWE film crew at the movie’s New York City premiere.

Being a WWE employee, Kelley had to ask Johnson about returning to the company:

“The WWE Universe wants to know, when are we gonna see you back in a WWE ring?”

Rocky’s response, before an edit, his usual (undoubtedly true but still fairly rote at this point) spiel about how much he loves the unique experience of performing in front of wrestling crowds, and talk of his 1996 Madison Square Garden debut at Survivor Series?

“Oh, look, I can’t wait to get back into a WWE ring...”

Does that cut remove the part where The People’s Publicist rushes in and tells Cathy and her producer, “look, we told Vince it ain’t happening, so move on”? The Great One laughing and saying, “but I’m worth way too much money to the folks bankrolling these movies for them to let me do anything but promos ever again... we’re gonna edit that out, right?”

We’ll never know. What we can guess, however, is if this is the best soundbite WWE can get out of him, nobody should be holding their breath for a follow-up to his classic victory over Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32.