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The Rock’s talking about his daughter becoming a wrestler again, and we need her grandma to be her manager

This is mostly just a clip of Dwayne Johnson being his charming self while promoting his new movie Skyscraper on Good Morning America earlier today (July 10). Those are always good, even if you’re like me and were sold on Johnson’s new flick as soon as you realized the pitch was “The Rock plays John McClane and the Nakatomi Tower is bigger”.

Anyway... while chatting with George Stephanopoulos, Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts, we get a couple run-ins from The Great One’s mom, Ata Johnson. It serves as a reminder that Rocky’s charisma and trash talking abilities come from his Maivia side as much if not more so than from his namesake dad.

After embarrassing her little “Dewdrop” with a story about his childhood nickname, Ata returns while Johnson is talking once again about Dwayne’s eldest daughter’s passion for following the family into the squared circle. Roberts asks if Grandma is okay with Simone joining WWE gets the reply:

“Absolutely. She will lay the smack down.”

I can smell what Ata is cooking. See if you can, too...

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