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Triple H sends Golden State Warriors a custom WWE championship

There was never much doubt that the Golden State Warriors would defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers to win their third NBA championship in four seasons. If there was any, it was erased at the end of the fourth quarter of Game 1, when JR Smith committed a legendary blunder that cost the Cavs the game and LeBron James’ sanity.

From there, it was just a question of whether or not James, perhaps the greatest player in basketball history, could manage to steal a game on his way to defeat.

He could not.

The Warriors closed out the series with a dominant 108-85 win in Cleveland last night, completing the sweep. Naturally, as my main man Sean alluded to yesterday, that meant Triple H doing his thing and sending out a custom WWE championship:

WWE may has well make another couple of these, because it’s hard to imagine anyone beating the Warriors anytime soon.

Sorry, Miz.

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