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Vince McMahon is still cool with Chris Jericho in New Japan Pro Wrestling but...

When asked about how Vince McMahon is feeling about Chris Jericho continuing to work in New Japan Pro Wrestling during his off time from WWE, Y2J told Busted Open Radio the following:

“I know the first match, Omega-Jericho, I called and told him about it and he was all for it. And then when I told him I was going to do more, nothing really negative, still very supportive. But I think now it’s maybe becoming a little bit of a slight not issue but, you know, I mean, it’s another company out there. I know for a fact that Vince takes every company very seriously. Chris Jericho is a very important part of the WWE and a very important part of what’s going on with New Japan right now, with all the subscriptions that are increasing with New Japan World and all of that sort of thing. I still think everything’s cool but I feel if my involvement with New Japan continues I might get a call one of these days. Until then I still enjoy doing it because it is different. It is one of those things where Jericho basically just does what he wants because I’ve built up the reputation and built up that good will and credibility with fans and companies worldwide.”

New Japan isn’t much of a threat to WWE right now nor will they be any time soon. That said, Jericho is helping New Japan gain more of a foothold here in America and his work alone is exposing a lot more WWE fans to what NJPW has to offer. It’s great for fans of pro wrestling.

It may not be great for McMahon, though, and we’ve seen what he does in situations like that.

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