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Roman Reigns somehow gets booed at WWE’s own Emmy event

Can The Big Dog ever get a break? Last night the WWE held it’s first ever For Your Consideration event for the Television Academy in Los Angeles. With hopes of getting Emmy nominations for the Raw 25th Anniversary special, the Mixed Match Challenge, and WWE 24: Empowered on the Women’s Revolution, WWE held a presentation in front of 600 TV Academy and television industry executives last night (Jun. 6).

Of course Roman Reigns was part of one of the panels WWE trotted out and of course he got booed?

Does the Television Academy ever break kayfabe?

Despite the light sprinkling of boos, Reigns did go on to give some great answers about the WWE brand.

This is the man the WWE wants as the face of their company for years to come.

Also throughout the night Reigns kept referring to Triple H as simply ‘H’ which was kind of mind blowing in itself.

For the rest of his life as a pro wrestler, will Roman Reigns ever not get booed at a public event?

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