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Colt Cabana gives day by day breakdown of CM Punk trial in new podcast

Four years worth of drama may have been put to bed this week at a courthouse in Chicago. With over four million downloads, Colt Cabana’s interview of CM Punk in Nov. 2014 set in motion a multi year feud between the duo and WWE doctor Chris Amann.

For the past two weeks the civil trial between Punk and Cabana versus Amann gripped the pro wrestling. After proving not to be liable in the defamation lawsuit brought on by Amann, Cabana stepped back behind the mic to where it all began and recorded a new episode of his Art of Wrestling podcast.

Late last night (Jun. 6), Cabana waxed poetic about every angle of the lawsuit and the civil trail that followed. With CM Punk’s second UFC fight falling on the week of the verdict, Cabana takes on a interesting format for this episode.

The episode is broken down into separate parts where Cabana returns home from the courthouse and records his thoughts on the day’s happenings. You can hear Cabana’s voice and emotions reach highs and lows throughout the court proceedings.

Colt Cabana’s personal audio notes begin on the night of May 24 and run all the way through Jun. 5.

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