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Cup of coffee in the big time: We will be rewarded for our commitment to wrestling

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Being a wrestling fan takes a considerable commitment. Even were you to just watch Smackdown, Raw and pay-per-views, you will spend about one full 24-hour day each month watching wrestling.

Add another 8 hours a month if you want to add in 205 Live and NXT. Watch Impact? That’s another 8 hours.

If you’re like me, you watch a few indie shows every week, at least 5 hours worth of wrestling there.

Then there’s ROH and NJPW, plus any programming you like as far as documentaries, WWE Network originals, podcasts and so on.

Easily, we’re up to more than 60 hours every month consuming wrestling programming — more if you’re consuming a lot more indie stuff through, Highspots Wrestling Network, etc.

But, we’re rewarded with stretches like we’re about to enter into.

NJPW Dominion is this weekend, that means Okada vs. Omega setting the world of wrestling on fire again, Jericho vs. Naito being, at the very least, an interesting spectacle, Takahashi vs. Ospreay in a match that is certain to provide some incredible moments (and, likely a great match).

Those are just three matches on the card, with plenty more on the card that will almost certainly be good.

The following weekend we get NXT Takeover: Chicago II with near-guaranteed awesomeness in Gargano vs. Ciampa, Dream vs. Ricochet, Cross vs. Baszler and Undisputed ERA vs. Danny & Oney. Also, Black vs. Sullivan could be very good as well.

And that weekend is capped by Money in the Bank where both ladder matches will likely be very good, I’m expecting Nakamura vs. Styles to finally live up to somewhere near expectations (even though I’ve liked the previous matches, I don’t expect they come near the NJPW match ever in WWE), and Jax vs. Rousey is going to be a spectacle.

Yes, in between we’ll have to suffer through another week of Raw and Smackdown, but there are also some gems to cleanse your palate. For example, the Nova Pro Commonwealth Cup takes place over Saturday and Sunday on and features Nick Gage vs. PCO and next Friday you can check out Freelance Wrestling, one of the great under-appreciated promotions on the indies.

We love wrestling, we make the commitment.

And sometimes, it loves us back.

That’s it for today.

Oh! And this happened:

good night

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