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Don’t expect CM Punk to return to wrestling any time soon after Amann trial

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There were never any promises, or even indications, he would, of course. But I can’t be the only person who was holding onto a tiny sliver of hope CM Punk would walk out of the Chicago courtroom where a jury found in his and Colt Cabana’s favor on the defamation case filed by WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann and say something like, “this has been really cathartic for me and who knows, maybe it rekindled my love of scripted fighting?”

Punk did walk out of that courtroom and talk to WrestleZone’s Nick Hausman, but what he said was very different. While he expressed his gratitude to the fans who’ve stuck by him, he gave no sign a return to the squared circle was in his future:

“A gigantic weight has been lifted off my shoulder. First and foremost, I’m happy for my friend Colt Cabana, who I think was dragged into this for silly reasons. But, just in general, I’m super appreciative and happy that the jury came to that verdict. I think I had truth on my side — obviously I did — and common sense prevailed. And I’m just happy. So I appreciate everybody who I guess was in my corner and knew, and continues to know, the truth.

I can’t wait to put it all behind me. I wanted out years ago and I still feel the same way. I just want to move on with my life.

If the bolded quote isn’t enough for you, Hausman asked Punk - who is signing at Pro Wrestling Tees Chicago store the day before Cody Rhodes and The Young Buck’s Sept. 1 indie supershow - “are you All In?”

“I’m not.”

But of course, that’s exactly what he would say, right?

Keep hope alive, fellow SES members. Just don’t chant his name at shows where he’s not gonna show up, okay?