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Cup of coffee in the big time: I guess Enzo DID make 205 Live better


A wrestling site is a strange place to bang the drum for watching WWE programming.

But if you’re not watching 205 Live, you’re missing the second best weekly “TV” show in wrestling. Since the change in direction that came with Drake Maverick and the tournament for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship, the show has gotten back to basics in the best possible way. Or, more simply, since Enzo Amore went away, the show is good again.

Simple storylines, character development and absolute fire in main events — Buddy Murphy has been in back-to-back great main event matches.

TJP running a simple storyline of “this brand doesn’t appreciate me, so maybe I’ll just leave,” Drew Gulak continuing to be great as the dickish anti-flyer, Mustafa Ali as the inspirational hero doing amazing things, Cedric Alexander finding his way as champion and Hideo Itami demanding respect.

It’s so simple and it’s working better than ever for the brand.

I guess Enzo Amore did help 205 Live. He just did it by ruining his career and going away.

  • Have you been paying attention to this wild story about the wife of former WWE exec Sal Siino? Because the bizarre story of her bigoted Twitter trolling and his firing has been getting more interesting by the day.
  • If Daniel Bryan is getting stuck with more Big Cass matches, at least we’re all treated to the man cutting brutal promos on the big fella.
  • After a fairly average week of Smackdown Live, make sure you check out our recap and reactions to the goings on.
  • CM Punk and Colt Cabana won their court case. If you want to hear from a legal expert on the case, we’ve got you covered.
  • The WWE UK Championship Tournament will be making its way to our eyeballs via WWE Network one week after it takes place.
  • After a fairly longstanding stance that he wasn’t particularly interested in a return to the ring, Shawn Michaels is now saying he’d be willing to take a look at a one-off match.
  • Miz isn’t impressed with WWE’s current merch game, and he’d like to have something he’d be proud to wear while being the face of Smackdown Live on FOX.

That’s it for now. Now wake up, get motivated and go take on the day...

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