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Daniel Bryan ethers Big Cass

Big Cass threatened to snap Daniel Bryan’s legs like twigs on SmackDown Live this week. The response didn’t come until after the show, in the above fallout video, where our boy D-Bry absolutely went off.

Oh my word:

“Big Cass, guess what? You said you’re going to break my leg in half? You don’t even know how. You haven’t trained hard enough, you haven’t been in the gym hard enough, you don’t know how to wrestle hard enough to break my leg in half. Do you know what’s going to happen at Money in the Bank? I am going to make you tap out one more time, whether it’s the YES Lock, whether it’s the heel hook, whether I just knee you in the face and stomp you in the face until you give up, that’s what’s going to happen at Money in the Bank. And you can’t teach surviving that.”

I didn’t even transcribe the part where he says “shin bone to the dome when your mama ain’t home” either.

This right here is what a pro wrestling promo is supposed to be, folks. This may be the best promo I’ve seen this year, and it’s certainly one of Daniel Bryan’s best. He really is superior to Big Cass in every way imaginable.

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