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WWE Raw viewers up this week, but not much

This doesn’t seem good.

Last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw drew just 2.49 million viewers, one of the lowest numbers in years. It was Memorial Day, however, and was up against tough competition from both the NBA and NHL.

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, only up against the NHL, managed to rise to just 2.52 million viewers. The Wrestling Observer puts this into context:

In reality, while there were two shows, one last week and one in 2016 on non-holiday dates that did lower numbers, this would be the worst showing in modern history because those episodes were expected to do poorly based on overwhelming competition.

Still, Raw was fifth for the night on cable, and the only shows that beat it were news programs.

The hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 2.59 million
Hour two: 2.59 million
Hour three: 2.39 million

We’re just weeks from Money in the Bank, one of the bigger shows on the WWE calendar. There should be something of a turnaround soon.


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