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Miz is gonna help SmackDown on Fox be The A Show, right after he gets some decent merch

He already took credit for WWE landing a deal reported to be worth a billion dollars over five years from Fox for the broadcast rights to SmackDown. So it should come as no surprise The Miz expects the blue brand to build around him as it moves to network television (and Fridays) in 2019.

Mr. Maryse has big plans for the show, too. As he told Dave LaGreca and Mark Henry on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio this morning (June 5), The A-Lister thinks the new SmackDown will be bigger than Raw. And he’ll be a key part of its growth... just as soon as he gets some new merch. Preferably some that doesn’t look like the stuff WWE Shop is currently putting out:

“Let’s put it this way, I get traded from Raw to SmackDown and as soon as I get traded to SmackDown all of a sudden, you know, Fox puts up a billion dollars. So I want to motivate and dedicate myself to where when we are ready to move from USA to Fox in 2019, I want to be the face of that show, of this show. And so that is my goal.

I want to be in the middle of every poster. I want to have merch that literally everybody wants to buy, that everybody wants to see. Sometimes I look at my merch, well I haven’t had merch in literally a year and when I get merch I’m literally looking at it going, ‘I wouldn’t wear this.’

So I want merch that people look at and go, ‘I want to buy that, I want to wear that. That is something that is amazing and incredible.’

Like I want to basically be the superstar I believe I can be and I want my talents to be utilized in a way that I can succeed and I really am going to motivate myself and dedicate myself to be the face of the franchise when the Fox merger happens because moving to Fox, a network show, this show will be bigger. It’ll no longer the quote unquote the B show like everyone always says it is. It will be the A show and more people will watch it. So I’ll be interested to see what happens from a creative standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, from a WWE superstar standpoint.”

Looks like Miz doesn’t even know about this beaut...

Anyway, what do you think is more likely, Cagesiders? Miz making SmackDown the A(-List) Show? Or a decent shirt design from WWE?

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