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John Cena isn’t in the first Bumblebee trailer very much

Paramount Pictures’ YouTube channel

Bumblebee, the Transformers spinoff prequel coming to theaters later this year, just might be the project which vaults John Cena to Hollywood superstar status. But you wouldn’t know it from the first trailer, which hit the web this morning (June 5).

It’s a good trailer, and clearly signals to folks hesitant about signing on for a loud, metal-on-metal fightfest like the rest of the series, Bumblebee will be more Iron Giant than Revenge Of The Fallen. But there’s not much to go on regarding Cena’s Agent Burns character.

He can be spotted briefly at around the 1:45, looking stoicly bad ass, and clearly affiliated with Sector 7 - the government group who deals with the Transformers in the other flicks.

Is he a villain, looking to rip the titular good-hearted robot in disguise away from Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie Watson? Or will he discover there’s a bigger threat, and work to help our heroes overcome it?

There’s also the question of, since this takes place 20 years before the first Transformers movie, where is Burns when the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons show up in the 21st century?

It’s a lot to think about, both in Hasbro’s kayfabe and Cena’s real life career!

Give us you take on either or both below.