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XFL commissioner introduction is less fun than Raw and SmackDown ones

You’d think a showman like Mr. McMahon would have a better handle on how to make a splash with one of these things, considering how many times he’s introduced new authority figures in WWE.

But, as Alpha Entertainment and McMahon himself like to remind us, the XFL is a separate entity from Vince’s main sports entertainment business. And they’re taken an understandably serious approach to selecting the person who will help launch the 8 team football league in 2020.

That man is former NFL quarterback and NCAA executive Oliver Luck:

In addition to his time under center, the new XFL’s first commissioner and chief executive officer was President of NFL Europe, lead the group responsible for bringing the Texans franchise to Houston earlier this century and has been overseeing the NCAA’s eligibilty and academic regulations. He’s also the father of Indianapolis Colts’ QB Andrew Luck.

Vince is excited to have him in the fold:

The XFL still seems like a long shot, but Luck sounds like as good a choice as any to take a gamble on. What do we know? Other than that McMahon and Alpha probably won’t be wanting for cash to spend on their new league.

Still, this ranks pretty low on the list of Vince reveals. Definitely pales in comparison to this.

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