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Finn Balor hits Kevin Owens with a Coup De Grace off a ladder

The main event of Monday night Raw featured a NXT rivalry renewed. Tonight (Jun. 4), three years since they first met in NXT, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor squared up with pride on the line.

The match was very physical but run at a methodical pace. After both men had their moments but failed to take total control of the match, Owens got himself disqualified when he ignored the ref’s count and continued to stomp away at Balor in the corner.

Post-match, Owens continued to deliver punishment to Balor. Following a frog splash off the top rope Owens even brought a ladder into to the ring to further his attack on Balor. With Owens hesitating and taking his time on top of the ladder, Balor popped and knocked his foe off his perch.

With Kevin Owens laid out, Finn Balor would climb atop the ladder and launch an epic Coup De Grace attack.

Stroke of grace!

Who has a better shot at winning the Money the Bank contract Finn Balor or Kevin Owens?

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