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All I want from the Team Hell No reunion

There’s been nostalgic joy and potential-dream-match-costing disappointment in the wake of the Daniel Bryan and Kane reuniting as Team Hell No on SmackDown this week.

For me, the novelty of seeing Bryan do anything besides handle a microphone hasn’t worn off. Plus, I figure we’re getting closer to Glenn Jacobs riding off into the sunset for good once he becomes Mayor of Knox County on August 2 (running as a Republican in a big red district should assure the Big Red Machine another win in the general election which occurs on that date) and another Tag Title opportunity/run is a fitting send-off.

More than backstage skits and hugging it out, DB hot tags and Kane’s farewell tour, what I really want from this angle is... well, it’s probably not gonna happen, for one thing. So I probably need to come to grips with that right now.

BUT... since Team Hell No is feuding with Bludgeon Brothers, what I really want is an explanation for what happened to Kane when Harper and Rowan dragged him off following Bray Wyatt’s Inferno Match win at SummerSlam 2013.

He returned a couple months later at Hell in a Cell to beat up The Wyatts and Miz - who is also involved in this angle (keep hope alive)! The he joined The Authority, which gave us great “Director of Operations” moments and... a lot of stuff involving Stephanie McMahon controlling him with his mask and other stuff I’d rather not think about.

What we never got was an explanation of the where/what/why regarding the time between his abduction and return. In reality, he was filming See No Evil 2. And, hey, if they want to work Jacob Goodnight into the story, that’s fine with me. In addition to The Miz threads, Bryan is a one-time Wyatt Family convert. Undertaker feuded with his brother against Bray and company when Harper and Rowan still had first names - use this to set-up something for him at SummerSlam.

Give me something!

Look. It’s no one’s fault but mine I’ve dedicated my life to following WWE programming, but it would be nice to be thrown this one bone as a reward.

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