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Shinsuke Nakamura is too injured to wrestle in Tokyo, but not too injured to try to punch dudes in the nuts

Unfortunately, it seems that police dog bite was enough to sideline Shinsuke Nakamura for WWE’s weekend swing through his home country of Japan. Not even Two Pawz cosplay could get him cleared for action.

But he wasn’t missing the trip, or the opportunity to do something for the Tokyo crowd...

My lack of Japanese language skills prohibits me from doing a better job of explaining the angle which followed on Friday night (June 29). But I do speak a little cockpunch-ish, and, really - don’t we all?

So you’ll probably be able to piece together Nak’s segment with Samoa Joe (before Joe replaced him in the WWE Title match with AJ Styles) from these pics, too:

Nak gonna Nak. And then Nak gonna nap.

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