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Heel or no, this new (non-WWE) Bayley shirt rules

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The sound was edited out, but we all read lips. So it was hard to miss an absolute highlight of Bayley’s beatdown of Sasha Banks on Raw this past Monday (June 25) when The Hugster -needing a Snickers and forgetting WWE is PG - screamed “You ain’t $#!+” in The Boss’ face...

The bleeping makes it clear WWE won’t be capitalizing on this impromptu badassery from Bayley - whether she’s playing a heel going forward or not. But that doesn’t mean some enterprising folks on the web won’t take the opportunity to make a few bucks off it while they can...

Skunk Duck Studios on TeeSpring

We, of course, would never condone such unlicensed merchandise. Or if we did buy something like this, we’d totally also purchase something from Bayley’s store on WWE Shop to make sure she’s getting paid.

But if you just had to have it, we’d understand. And for the next few days, you could get it on TeeSpring here.

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