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GLOW helped WWE move toward a women’s tag division

Whispers about WWE adding a tag team championship to their women’s divisions, or possibly just the SmackDown roster, have been around for several months now. Becky Lynch recently talked the idea up again at Ace Comic Con in Seattle, where (when she wasn’t being overshadowed by Shinsuke Nakamura telling children to assault their fathers) The Lasskicker said she’s been lobbying for belts which would be defended across brands - including NXT (transcription via Wrestling Inc):

“So right now, numbers-wise, I don’t think we have enough women to have one on each brand... what I think would be pretty cool, is if they were traveling, and not just between Raw and SmackDown, but NXT too. And then you’d have a huge, huge range of women that you’d go against and so many possibilities. And I think that would get people excited to watch any of the brands, because you wouldn’t know when people would be showing up [on] either Raw or SmackDown because it’d all be traveling.”

On the latest edition of the blue brand (June 26), WWE used some guest stars to potentially launch a new team. It turns out, the cast of Netflix’s GLOW didn’t have an issue with Naomi - they’re actually big fans! What’s more, star Alison Brie bonded with Lana about playing a Russian heel. In the process, she not only helped The Ravishing Russian’s gradual face turn along, but also healed dance battle-inflicted wounds between Lana and Naomi.

It’s a clever bit of promotional synergy, putting two Total Divas stars together in kayfabe, with the help of guest stars from a female-driven show like GLOW.

Will it lead anywhere, let alone to a wig-snatching title run for Lana and Naomi?

Probably not, but it’s there is they ever decide to put Becky’s plan in place.

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