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Cup of coffee in the big time: This is really the best WWE can do with Daniel Bryan?

The return of Team Hell No is an interesting decision by WWE. From the moment of Kane’s music hitting to he and Daniel Bryan embracing in a hug, fans were into it.

But, long term, what does it mean? And, is this an effect of Bryan’s uncertain future with the company, or is WWE once again uncertain of how to use Bryan beyond “he’s an underdog” stories?

Fans waited anxiously for Bryan to return to the ring. Seemingly, as soon as we’d given up hope of it ever happening, the shocking news came that one of the all-time greats would lace up his boots once again.

Since then, however, we’ve gotten a WrestleMania match with partner Shane McMahon, a feud with Big Cass after which Cass was shown the door and now a storyline with tag champs The Bludgeon Brothers, once again revolving around what a lil’ fella Bryan is.

Yes, this led to the memorable reunion with Kane, but is anyone actually dying to see any more Kane matches at this point?

WWE also has the ability to have their strongest tag division ever, if they’d just put the focus there, so we’re also being treated to the Smackdown tag titles being tied up around a novelty reunion.

Is this really what we were waiting for Bryan to return and do?

That’ll do it for today.

Even though I’m disappointed this is the best WWE can figure out to do for Bryan, I did love this hug.

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