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The cast of GLOW is mad at Naomi (for some reason)

One thing the first season of Netflix’s GLOW was missing was serious cross-promotion with WWE.

Sure, cast members showed up at the Mae Young Classic taping, but that was well after the series was added to the streaming service and past the point of maximum pop culture buzz for the dramedy about the 80s women’s wrestling fed and the McMahons’ sports entertainment empire.

For the second season, which hits Netflix this upcoming Fri., June 29, its producers and The ‘E did a better job of getting on the same page. There was a “WWE vs. GLOW” episode of TBS’ Drop The Mic “rap battle” show a couple weeks back...

And now at least a couple members of the cast will be on the blue brand tonight (June 26). But neither Britt Baron, who plays Justine, or Sydelle Noel, who stars as Cherry Bang, were on Drop The Mic. That’s okay, though, because the woman they’re planning on confronting in Ontario, CA wasn’t either. But she does have the word “glow” in her gimmick, and that seems to be reason enough for a crossover with “the SmackDown LIVE”...


What’s “on” exactly? We’re not sure!

But whatever gets the spotlight on talented folks and worthy projects is okay by us, so as long as this is fun, bring it on!

Whatever “it” is.

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