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Dr. Shelby is ready to counsel Sasha Banks and Bayley

The long-running storyline between Raw Superstars Sasha Banks and Bayley took a much-needed and pretty much universally praised step forward on June 25 when The Hugster snapped and, as Booker T might say, beat the brakes off The Boss.

Some fans aren’t as enthusiastic about what came next, as General Manager Kurt Angle ordered both women to “mandatory counseling” in order to keep their jobs.

WWE sending two of their on-screen characters to a therapist/psychologist to improve their non-violent conflict resolution skills in a fictional universe centered on settling issues violently is pretty ridiculous, but a similar story did result in a series of popular skits featuring Daniel Bryan and Kane back in 2012.

And the man in the middle of those segments saw what went down on Raw last night, and is already volunteering his services...

Now, whether the kind of comedy bits Dr. Shelby featured in with Team Hell No are also what The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection needs is debateable.

There’s also no indication from WWE this is the direction they’re headed in. The actor who played Shelby (Michael Aspinwall) has offered his services online in the past, and the company hasn’t taken him up on it.

While we wait to see what is in store for Sasha and Bayley next Monday, what do you think? Is Dr. Shelby needed? Are you excited to see what happens with Team Hug No when they head to couples counseling?

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