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UPDATED: Bayley ordered to get counseling after beatdown of Sasha Banks on Raw

It was basically one year ago that Bayley did Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast and told him she needs to evolve and that could mean an edge to her attitude, or even kicking some ass like “The Texas Rattlesnake” used to. Fast forward to this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw and, just after The Riott Squad defeated the team of Ember Moon, Sasha Banks, and Bayley, this happened:

That’s one hell of a beatdown! These two are well and truly done as friends — before the match, General Manager Kurt Angle remarked that this was their last chance to work together and get along. Obviously they could not.

His response to what Bayley did? He ordered her to take mandatory counseling next week. She’ll be fired if she refuses.

It looks like this is the new direction of The Hugster’s character.

Like it?

UPDATE: Banks has to go too:

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