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The only thing better than a kid asking Shinsuke Nakamura about hitting AJ Styles in the ‘wee-wee’ is Nak’s response

This kid (who earlier in the video of this Lillian Garcia-moderated Q & A with Becky Lynch and Shinsuke Nakamura at Seattle’s ACE Comic Con this weekend says his name is Pacey - you can see it all on Facebook here) asking Shinsuke Nakamura what it was like to hit AJ Styles in “the wee-wee” is a hero.

And if there was any doubt that his post-WrestleMania 34 heel turn was the best thing to happen to Nak since joining WWE, Shin’s response should slam the door on any debate...

Hero Kid: What is it like punching AJ Styles in the wee-wee?

Becky Lynch: [laughing] Heck of a question.

Nakamura: Wee-wee [laughes]. How to describe? So, have you ever do same like me [gestures like he’s doing his low blow uppercut] to your friend?

Hero Kid: [Pointing] To my dad.

Nakamura: To dad?

Lillian Garcia: You did it to your dad?

Hero Kid: Yeah.

Garcia: Oh - not good.

Nakamura: Please, do the same to do your dad. You can feel it. Same thing. Yeah. Try it. Tonight.

Hero Kid: Okay [gives Shinsuke a thumbs up].

While we try to figure out why Cock-Nak-Amura doesn’t have a Title over his shoulder, somebody get Styles’ contact info to Pacey’s dad so they can exchange tips on how to ice your balls.

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