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Broken ring rope? No problem! In fact, let’s party!

At an action-packed house show in Anaheim, California last night (Sun., June 24), Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler faced Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in a tag team main event.

It’s a good thing it was the last match of the night, too, since when Rollins whipped McIntyre during the bout, the top rope snapped loose and Big Boy Drew went tumbling to the floor...

Fortunately, McIntyre was okay and the match continued - and was reportedly pretty hard hitting, too. Maybe The Celtic Colossus redirected some of his aggression from that rougher-than-expected tumble...

After a Stomp on the Intercontinental Champ won the day for the Shield Bros, Rollins celebrated in a very Seth way. No, not by burning it down, but by taking the broken rope and using it the like it was the WWE Title:

And LO-f’n-L at Romey wisely deciding to get the heck out of Dodge while Crossfit Jesus made like a cowboy...

As WWE is fond of reminding us, anything can happen at a house show. Even this.

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