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WWE’s Madison Square Garden issue may have been mostly about Ring of Honor

Earlier this week, Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff made some waves when he told PWInsider the Sinclair Broadcasting-owned promotion’s plans to run New York’s Madison Square Garden were off after the venue received a call from someone at WWE.

The latest issue of Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) says the issues between ROH, WWE and The Garden could get nastier, with Sinclair considering legal action. MSG doesn’t believe there’s grounds for a suit since they didn’t have anything in writing with ROH, and that may be why there have been internal Sinclair discussions about not running SmackDown on their 43 Fox affliates when the blue brand moves to the broadcast network next fall. That course of action is considered unlikely, but its an indication of how angry some are internally at ROH/Sinclair.

Part of that anger could stem from the fact the move appears to have been aimed directly at ROH, and not about The Garden being home to any non-WWE wrestling show. PWInsider’s said in the past MSG officials were reaching out to other promotions as a result of Vince McMahon’s company taking most of their business to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for cost reasons. And a follow-up report from that site today (June 22) says Mexico’s AAA’s plans to run Madison Square Garden are still on.

“Numerous sources” told Insider AAA has holds on two possible dates this fall. They are discussing those two options - one as soon as Sept. 16 - and the possibility of moving the show back to early 2019 in order to have more time to plan and promote such a big event. But there doesn’t seem to be any indication WWE officials are trying to stop any possible lucha, or non-ROH show, from happening at The Garden.

WWE is in MSG next month, and both have been heavily promoting a show with Undertaker and Ronda Rousey on July 7.

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