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Hulk Hogan is fantasy booking his WWE comeback with a popular NXT Superstar

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From his entrance attire to the WrestleMania X8 moment he shared with Ricochet, Velveteen Dream was giving us Hulk Hogan all the way last Saturday (June 16) at NXT TakeOver: Chicago 2.

And it turns out the Hulkster was watching, brother...

Look, the two have history. In fact, while Dream surely has no memory of this, you could argue it was a piece of advice from Hulk which inspired him to transform from Tough Enough’s Patrick Clark into his current form:

Would WWE go for it? Would it be accepted by fans who feel betrayed by the racist language which got Hogan fired from WWE, and his subsequent sort-of apologies?

Controversy-Mania would be running wild. It would certainly be an Experience...