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Cup of coffee in the big time: This week’s shows are how WWE TV should be

Raw and SmackDown have been a bit of a chore to watch most weeks lately. But this week was a great week for WWE TV.

It’s also nice to see the improvements in watchability translating to the ratings as well, with both Raw and SmackDown seeing an increase in viewership.

But there might be no moment that reminds of how good the shows could — and should — be as much as the five-man gauntlet match that served as the Smackdown main event.

Would anyone have been upset with any of those five men winning and getting a title shot against AJ Styles at Extreme Rules?

Rusev, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, The Miz and Big E all represented exciting opponents for Styles, who is coming off a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura that first disappointed before paying off with a great match at Money in the Bank.

It’s a reminder that even the “B show” has a crazy amount of depth on the roster.

There’s no reason for the weekly TV to be as bad as it had been for more than a month and ever reason for fans to expect the kind of efforts we saw on Monday and Tuesday night.

That’ll do it for today, take on the rest of the week like:

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