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Don’t ask Triple H about Brock Lesnar while he’s promoting NXT UK

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Triple H is over in the United Kingdom for tapings for the UK Championship Tournament (spoilers here), and that means doing plenty of media to promote it. WWE just announced “NXT UK,” the next step in the company’s plans for world domination, so there’s plenty to talk about with regard to what that looks like.

Naturally, then, someone asked about Brock Lesnar going back to the UFC. The following video is cued up to the question, and Triple H’s response to it:

“So I think this was about the UK Tournament. But to be honest I don’t have a comment on Brock, or the UFC, or any of that.”

We shouldn’t read too much into this, of course, because there’s so much we can’t know, but that’s one hell of a reaction to a question like that!