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Ronda Rousey’s ‘30 day suspension’ will be as long, and include whatever dates, WWE wants it to

We’re reminded all the time WWE will make their scripted reality whatever they want it to be for a story, or need it to be for promotional purposes. And that’s their prerogative, it’s just good to remember that if you’re wanting strict adherence to continuity and internal story logic, maybe you should look to another promotion.

Our latest example is the “30 Day Suspension” handed down by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to Ronda Rousey for attacking Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss... and him... and several referees, in the opening segment last night (June 18). Angle and Rousey are doing their best to kayfabe it up online, but it’s not at all clear what the ramifications are for Rousey’s appearances over the next month.

In’s story about the suspension, they say she “will be barred from Monday Night Raw until Wednesday, July 18”. They’re careful not to mention live events on nights other than Mondays, and Wrestling Observer has confirmed with the company Ronda will make house shows appearances for which she’s advertised - Sun. June 24 in Anaheim, Fri., July 6 in Philadelphia, Sat., July 7 in Madison Square Garden, and Sun., July 8 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

She’s actually still listed on promotion for several Mondays during the “suspension period”, including next week in San Diego, July 9 in Boston and July 16 in Buffalo. It’s conceivable she could work dark matches/segments (or whatever WWE wants her to do, obviously).

TV ads for Extreme Rules in Pittsburgh on July 15 no longer mention her. Her debut in the town was a selling point of early ads. The latest version still mentions a six-man tag rather than the multi-man #1 contender match Angle announced last night, though, so...

Count on her making it to the house show dates. And tune in to Raw and Extreme Rules to see what happens!

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