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Paige allegedly assaulted by fan while leaving Money in the Bank

According to an Instagram story from the SmackDown General Manager herself, and accounts from fans in the area and other sources reported by PWInsider and Fightful, Paige had an outrageous and potentially scary incident with a fan while leaving Allstate Arena following Money in the Bank earlier this morning (June 18) in Rosemont, Illinois.

From Paige’s Instagram:

“To the fan that decided to pie face me through my car window and then told me to ‘lose some weight, Paige’ you inspired me to keep being myself and eat whatever the f--- I want. Good luck with your karma!”

Eyewitness accounts from the two websites say Paige was greeting fans as she was leaving the venue. While high-fiving several through the passenger seat of the car she was traveling in, a male fan pushed her in the face and insulted her appearance.

Other fans present restrained and confronted the man while Paige’s car apparently left the scene, presumably to ensure her safety as quickly as possible in case the man had worse intentions. There’s no word on if Paige’s assailant was detained by authorities, or even if his identity was ascertained so she or WWE can press charges.

Thankfully, as her Instagram story indicates, she was physically unharmed. Still, for anyone - and especially someone with Paige’s history of boundary-crossing privacy violations - this was a scary and unacceptable incident.

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