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WWE Money in the Bank 2018 results: Seth Rollins bends the rules to beat Elias

The Intercontinental Championship match at Money in the Bank started with Elias under a spotlight in the ring, as all Elias matches should. The crowd of “loudmouth scumbags who just want attention” in Allstate Arena on June 17 didn’t get a song, however. When the Chicagoans chanted “we deserve it” in response to his taunt, Elias decided they didn’t deserve to walk with him after all.

Denied a tune, the crowd in Rosemont, Illinois did get to scream “BURN IT DOWN” when the champ, Seth Rollins, entered the building. That party continued after the bell, too, as it was all Rollins early. But a clothesline comeback, dropped The Kingslayer to the apron right on his recently injured neck, and the heat was on as Elias targeted that weak spot.

When Seth mounted a comeback, it wasn’t his neck which troubled him, but another body part which has caused Rollins real problems in the past - his knee.

The left knee buckled when he leapt over a charging Elias, and while the challenger didn’t have long to target that, it did prohibit the champ from securing a pinfall after a big kick.

Elias staved off defeat again when he got his knees up on a frog splash, and managed to kick out after a superplex/falcon arrow combo. A flurry of offense followed, but Rollins pushed a little too far, too fast. Elias side-stepped a suicide dive, and followed up by throwing the champ into the post, and the ring steps, and hitting him with an elbow drop off the top rope. But it wasn’t enough to put Seth down for three.

A powerbomb faltered when Rollins’ knee gave out, and started a series of pinfall counters. Seth was willing to do whatever he needed in order to win, including grab ahold of Elias’ belt on a rollthrough.

It wasn’t clean, but the champ’s still here.

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