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WWE Money in the Bank 2018 results: Braun Strowman has a briefcase

The greatest question regarding Money in the Bank was answered during the introductions for the main event, but not without some theatrics. It was Xavier Woods ripping off his shirt to reveal the name “Kofi” taped to his chest that told us which New Day member was joining Braun Strowman, Bobby Roode, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, The Miz, Rusev and Finn Bálor in the men’s ladder match.

Once the bell rang, it was seven-on-one, as everyone went after Strowman. That attack left Braun buried under a stack of ladders on the stage.

Miz looked to take advantage, sneaking back to the ring to set up another ladder so he could go retrieve the briefcase... but Joe tracked him down and thwarted that. From there, it was every man for himself as several guys got some offense in, but no one had a real shot at climbing for the case.

But after a pair of dives to the outside by Kingston and then Bálor, the Monster Among Men stirred...

It was time for teamwork, again. Rusev superkicked Braun into a Coquina Clutch from Joe while KO set-up a table, then climbed a 15’ ladder. But while the other two men sought to hold Strowman on the table, the big man fought his way free, climbed, and threw Owens through the wood far below!

Braun went through EVERYONE, finally catching a terrified Miz in the ring.

Joe caught up with Strowman again there, and with Finn’s help, The Monster ended in the timekeeper’s area. It got wild again from there, including a crowd-pleasing triple Accolade on Miz, Kofi and Roode. The A-Lister pushed over the ladder when Rusev climbed, then he and Kingston battled at the top until Roode dumped them, then Bálor cleared the ring... and hit The Glorious One with a Coupe de Grace from a ladder!

Finn and an again recovered Braun climbed, then Kofi climbed Strowman’s back!

But Braun flung Kingston to the ground, punched Bálor in the face, and grabbed the case.

‘Sup Brock?

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