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WWE Money in the Bank 2018 results: AJ Styles is the Last Man Standing after he and Nakamura deliver a worthy follow-up to Wrestle Kingdom 10

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AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura brought their war of nut shots to Allstate Arena on June 17 for a Last Man Standing match at Money in the Bank.

The first ten counts came when the action went to the floor, first after a Phenomenal Forearm from WWE Champion Styles, then after the challenger fired back with a suplex onto the steel ramp and knee strike.

AJ was rocked, and the pace slowed after that as Shinsuke sought to inflict enough punishment in the ring to keep Styles down and win the belt which has eluded him since last year when he feuded with Jinder Mahal.

But The Phenomenal One not only wouldn’t stay down, but continued to try to fight back. Action spilled back to the floor, and over the barricade into the crowd. It was there that the champ caught Nakamura with strikes and seemed to be on his way back into the match, but when he had his legs kicked out from under him when he tried to launch another Phenomenal Forearm from the barricade, he was immediately back in jeopardy.

Back in the ring, these familiar foes traded shots. There were a few times when both men were down while referee Mike Chioda counted, and AJ started to rise first. But after Styles evaded the familiar low blow...

...each man started to counter the others famous moves. A forearm response while Nak was chargin for a Kinshasa led to Shinsuke staying down until an 8 count. That momentum was short-lived, though, when The Artist again thwarted a Phenomenal Forearm with a kick to the head.

The challenger’s plan to end things moved to the announce table, where Nakamura charged across two other desks to hit a Kinshasa on the third.

Frustrated by AJ rolling to his feet late in the count, Nakamura made like a Dudley and got a table. They battled on the ropes above the table, but neither went through it. Styles ended up doing something which looked just as painful, though, falling across the side. Then Shinsuke propped it in the corner and threw the WWE Champ through it.

But as Nak looked on in shock, AJ leapt to his feet at nine!

Exposing a turnbuckle turned out to be a mistake, however. Shinsuke wasn’t able to drive Styles headfirst into it, and then AJ dodged when Nak tried to knee him while he was draped across it, and the champ targeted the leg with his opponent wounded.

Not waiting for Chioda to finish his count, The Phenomenal One grabbed the leg and locked in a Calf Krusher. Nak tapped, but that didn’t matter in this match. He was still about to get to one foot at nine. Which sent AJ into the timekeeper’s area for a chair.

After one shot, Nakamura begged for mercy. But he still got several more shots. Shin was willing to take those, however, because it lured Styles in for THE LOW BLOW!

Styles beat the count, but the Japanese Superstar connected with a Kinshasa! And AJ got up at nine again! Desperate, Nakamura tried to lift the champ up on the announce table, but his knee gave out. The Phenomenal One followed with a forearm, then followed that with a Styles Clash off the steps onto the floor!

And Shinsuke got to his feet, smiled and asked for more. So AJ kicked him in the family jewels, then climbed back in the ring to deliver a Phenomenal Forearm through the table!

Nobody was getting up from that.

It took several tries, but Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles delivered a must-see follow-up to their classic from New Japan.

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