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WWE Money in the Bank 2018 results: Roman Reigns wins amidst ‘CM Punk’ chants

Poor Sunil Singh had trouble rolling his ‘r’s while introducing The Modern Day Maharajah at Money in the Bank.

In his case, the lack of enthusiasm could be attributed to the asskicking he took from Roman Reigns on last week’s Raw. The crowd in Allstate Arena on June 17 probably had different reasons for not being super-enthused about Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal, not the least of which was it followed one of the night’s two ladder matches.

And, of course, this was the choice spot for Chicagoland to express their support of a local boy who didn’t like Vince McMahon’s booking either. The “CM Punk” chants didn’t last long, but they were followed by “BORING”, “NXT” and others.

The fans did wake up when Singh sprang from his wheelchair to assault Roman on the floor to stop The Big Dog’s early momentum and let Mahal go on the offensive.

Mahal working over Roman earned some support from the crowd, but the action wasn’t interesting enough to win over folks pre-disposed to reject the match.

Oh, the match? It actually wasn’t bad, but it was largely what you’d expect if you’ve ever seen either of these guys wrestle before. Jinder held his own for most of the match, Sunil tried to get involved again and paid for it. That gave Mahal an opening to almost steal a win, but Reigns overcame, hit the spear, and the show rolled on.

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