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WWE Money in the Bank 2018 results: Alexa Bliss cash-in foils Ronda Rousey title win

Ronda Rousey is a big star coming over from the UFC, Hollywood, all that. Naturally, it took all of one pay-per-view (PPV) tag team match to set her up for a shot at the Raw women’s championship in her very first singles match. That came tonight (Sun., June 17, 2018) at the Money in the Bank PPV at the Allstate Arena just outside Chicago, Illinois, against Nia Jax.

There were plenty of questions coming in regarding what kind of match they could have.

It was VERY good.

It started with Jax just throwing Rousey around like she was a rag doll. Nia was fully in control and looked like she would finish things early, picking Ronda up for the Samoan Drop. Rousey countered by grabbing an arm and locking in the armbar. Rousey then switched to a triangle while Jax picked her up for a powerbomb.

That’s how you defend that!

Ronda straight up fell out of the ring when she tried to stand up and Jax just kept beating the trash out of her, throwing her straight into the barricade. She was selling big for the champion, who picked her up tossed her with a Gorilla press slam.

Finally, Ronda jumped a guillotine — a submission Bayley used to beat her in the past — but Jax was simply too strong. Ronda tried a sunset flip and Nia still just picked her head up and slammed her to the mat. Then she went into a bear hug, which “Rowdy” broke with forearms.

The Samoan Drop finally came with Rousey coming off the ropes, and it looked rough — but Ronda kicked out. She finally got some offense in with an armbar over the ropes. She even went up to the top rope and hit a crossbody for a two count!

Rousey started getting offense in like a flying knee, a judo throw, a Rock Bottom; she was doing it all, and it looked great. Finally, just as she was about to get the armbar, Alexa Bliss showed up and cracked her in the back with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

That caused a disqualification.

Bliss then sent Rousey out and cashed in her contract. She defeated Jax shortly after to win the Raw women’s championship.

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