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Here’s Triple H marking out about TakeOver: Chicago 2 trending over Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new album

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Really, he should be marking out about the fact he’s had a legion of seen-it-all before wrestling fans marking out over 21 consecutive NXT live specials, and that June 16’s TakeOver: Chicago 2 was another excellent top-to-bottom show.

But he’s a music fan, and his bottom line (and his boss/father-in-law’s evaluation of the job he’s doing) depends heavily on things like social media scores these days. So when the latest TakeOver got some unexpected competition from the surprise drop of a Beyonce/Jay-Z album, Everything is Love, it’s very understandable and pretty cool that Triple H couldn’t help but brag about his show topping Queen B and her man on his Facebook Live post-show with Cathy Kelley:

Forget running the world and watching the throne. Bow down to The King.