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Velveteen Dream rolled into TakeOver: Chicago 2 doing Hulk Hogan/Prince Puma/Tetsuya Naito cosplay

Velveteen Dream has no memory of Patrick Clark’s time on Tough Enough.

He also has zero $#!+s to give when it comes to what former WWE employees, characters his opponent used to play in other promotions or current top stars for competing companies he homages or references in his ring and entrance entire.

For his highly anticipated showdown with Ricochet at TakeOver: Chicago 2, The Dream came out looking mostly like the fired (but rumored to be returning soon) Hulk Hogan:

Once you look past the feather boa, you see he was also wearing Prince Puma-themed tights, a reference to Ricochet’s Lucha Underground gimmick. And then for the truly eagle-eyed, you’ll notice he’s wearing boots just like Chris Jericho’s latest New Japan opponent, Tetsuya Naito.

Velveteen has developed quite a reputation in his brief time on NXT. He grew that on June 16 in Allstate Arena before his match even started.

Find out what happened after this entrance, along with everything else from TakeOver, here.

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