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Jerry Lawler and Dana White team-up to help Matt Serra and an indie wrestler win a match, proving anything can happen in 2018

Dana White is in Memphis this weekend filming for his Looking For A Fight series. The streaming reality show focuses on the UFC president travelling the country, scouting talent from mixed martial arts and beyond. And when you’re in Tennesse’s second most populous city, you have some barbeque, listen to some Blues and take in some rasslin. And Memphis rasslin means Jerry “The King” Lawler...

The poster’s not clear on what’s going on (and Matt Serra hasn’t looked like that since around the time he won the welterweight title with his famous upset of Georges St. Pierre back in the aughts), but it was supposed to be indie wrestlers Derrick King and Dustin Starr teaming against retired fighters Serra and Din Thomas. A pre-match angle demonstrates neither of the planned partners are on the same page, so Jerry switches the teams up, putting King and Serra together against Thomas and Starr.

This went as these things go (you can watch the whole thing here, if you’re so inclined). At the end, Starr’s wife Maria got involved, so Dana played equalizer. Taking a page from another Memphis legend’s book, White works a little intergender into the bout, getting attacked by Mrs. Starr a couple times. But Lawler makes the save, and then the WWE Hall of Famer teams up with Serra and the UFC pres to help King secure the pin.

Here’s video of the finish:

Shut 2018 down. We’re done.

You’ll eventually be able to see this all in UFC-produced form on Fight Pass.


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