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Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan’s names being on the WWE Super Show-Down card is very interesting

With 100,000 seats to fill at Melbourne Cricket Ground, it’s not surprising WWE threw every name they have at Super Show-Down, the newest international mega-event on their calendar. Even past the “End of an Era... for realz this time!” Undertaker/Triple H match at the top of the card, there are a couple of very interesting names which jump out at you.

These things are always subject to change, of course - it’s right there in the footnote of’s post announcing the show on Oct. 6. But given all the talk lately about whether or not Shawn Michaels could return to the ring for the proverbial “one more match”, his being listed - without any “special appearance by” caveats and right there with all the active talents - is going to raise a few eyebrows. Heck, HBK was the referee for the last “End of an Era” match between The Game and The Dead Man at WrestleMania 28, so that could be a way for him to get involved without unretiring. He’s donned the striped shirt as part of his Performance Center/NXT duties recently, so those 1 - 2 - 3 (and Sweet Chin Music) skills are sharp.

Also listed is Michaels’ one-time student, Daniel Bryan. The Beard is all the way unretired and competing regularly on SmackDown, so that he’s wrestling isn’t a shock. That WWE is advertising him for a show after his contract expires on or around Sept. 1, 2018 is noteworthy, however. There haven’t been any updates on a new deal between Bryan and WWE, but word is he hasn’t signed anything. And, of course, The Beard likes to tease the possibility of heading elsewhere and doing other things. But it doesn’t sound like Vince and company are too worried about him leaving if they’re putting him front and center on the poster for Super Show-Down.

We’ll see what happens with Shawn, Bryan and the rest of the line-up for Melbourne over the next few months. What jumped out at you at #WWESSD, Cagesiders?

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