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Cody Rhodes’ top 5 in pro wrestling right now probably looks different than yours

Ring of Honor’s YouTube channel

If you had to give a top 5 in pro wrestling, on who is the very best in the world right now, who would make the list, and in what order? Cody Rhodes gave his to Sports Illustrated during a working promo that he may or may not legitimately believe to be true anyway:

“In the modern era of reality is reality versus perception is reality, it’s simple. I am the best in the world. It’s 1: Cody; 2: Kenny; 3: Okada; 4: Charlotte; 5: Cena, with Ospreay creeping up on the list. It’s my responsibility with the event to live up to that ranking. I am unbelievably good at this, because of hard work and dedication.”

Again, he’s working at least somewhat in the sense of what he’s trying to accomplish with the interview but perhaps he actually believes what he says. And, hey, this is the Internet, where we argue about all this stuff anyway.

I’m not going to throw a fit about his list but who is going to be the one to tell him Cena doesn’t belong anywhere near it and should be replaced with either Ospreay or AJ Styles?

What’s your top 5?

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