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The ‘ship has sailed’ on Eric Bischoff as a character on WWE TV

With the recent success of his 83 Weeks podcast with Conrad Thompson, perhaps it’s not so silly for Chris Van Vliet to ask Eric Bischoff about possibly returning to WWE television for a role as, say, General Manager. But it sure sounds like the door has been shut on any kind of idea like that.

From the man himself:

“No. I think that that ship has sailed, brother. There might be (a massive pop) for a night or two but I’ve kind of been there and done that. With a character like a General Manager there’s only so much you could do creatively. I don’t wrestle. Clearly now, especially now, I’m not going to wrestle. And with an authority figure character there are only about a dozen things you can do and then you spend your time trying to re-do those same dozen things 15 or 20 different ways so they don’t look like the same things over and over and over again. I think the audience... we saw it at Raw 25 when I came out, got a great reaction. I appreciate it very much, it means a lot to me, but by about the third or fourth time that music played people would go ‘oh god, it’s him again.’”

Bischoff was a fun character for many years but would he fit in 2018 professional wrestling? Probably not. He’s better off doing his podcast, which is, admittedly enough, an entertaining look back at the time WCW’s Nitro beat WWE’s Raw in ratings for almost two years straight.

Stick to podcasting?


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