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Out of nowhere! The RKO is 15 years old

Hug your babies tight, Cagesiders. They grow up before you know it.

Take Randy Orton’s iconic finisher, the RKO. Somehow, it’s been 15 years since the then-Legend Killer now-Viper sprung his jumping cutter on an unsuspecting WWE Universe. Why, you could even say it came out of nowhere.

The anniversary of his first using the move certainly did. WWE even missed the date, noting it yesterday on their Instagram when it was actually last Saturday (the match where Ric Flair seconded Orton against The Hurricane with Shawn Michaels in his corner actually happened at Raw in Miami on June 9, 2003):

Happy 15 years to the RKO!

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Happy belated birthday, RKO. You’ve given us so much, and we didn’t get you anything.

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