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WWE Network is wild this week, y’all

WWE Network doesn’t have a tiered pricing model where you can watch other promotions via the streaming service... yet. But there are plenty of amazing crossovers you wouldn’t expect to find on there, and this week’s brought us a couple of doozies.

A working relationship with Impact Wrestling’s been in the cards since Anthem dropped their claims to Matt Hardy’s Broken gimmick. Footage from their Global Wrestling Network (GWN) streaming service made it onto a Hardy Boyz DVD, and it’s also a part of the June 13 episode of Bruce Prichard’s Something Else To Wrestle, which AJ Styles entire TNA career. Including his infamous angle with Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Dixie Carter which featured his character being blackmailed for an adulterous affair with “Claire Lynch”, and gave us scenes like this...

WWE Network

That would be weird enough if it was the only prominent promotion of another fed which debuted on The Network in the past couple days. The other is a little more indirect (and dovetails with The ‘E hyping this performer for a different reason this week) and features footage they clearly own since it’s from their developmental archives.

Still it’s an interesting time to release a match in the Hidden Gems series featuring this man who’s made “a name for himself internationally” during his mid-Aughts time in Deep South Wrestling...

WWE Network

Hey, we know that guy! Didn’t he just win some famous belt in Japan?

Something something “time to be alive” something something.

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