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Cup of coffee in the big time: I’d give Okada vs. Omega 7 stars, too


Dave Meltzer did it again, once again breaking his five-star rating scale for a match between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada by awarding their match from Dominion seven stars.

Over the four matches the men have had, Meltzer has not gone lower than six stars (twice), but the seven stars is a new record high his rating scale.

This, of course, has a portion of the wrestling fandom shook.

See, Meltzer ratings fuel so much online discussion while being simultaneously declared entirely unnecessary by many involved.

The thing is, I’d go seven stars too, were I the type to award numerical ratings to matches.

The combination of drama, action and the continuation of existing storytelling between the two was unparalleled by any match I’ve ever seen. And, in an effort to establish this to a wider audience used to seeing a standard “five star” scale, awarding seven stars is an efficient and valid way to go about it.

And, if you need further reasoning on why it’s valid to rate something so far above the “top possible rating,” here’s a little something for you: it’s one man’s admittedly subjective system with which he can do as he sees fit. Just as you can do with whatever system of ranking or rating matches you use, if you use one at all.

It seems a little crazy to waste an ounce of emotional energy or a second of what little time we’re given on this earth being mad that someone rated a match a way you don’t like.

So, yeah, I’d go seven stars too. And my scale is A to F.

Happy Thursday, here’s Jushin Liger beating up a baseball mascot.

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