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Pictures of Batista’s new family photos will make your day better

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Batista is the best. Batista’s family is number one. We don’t know how but we hope these recently released family portraits of Batista, his wife Sarah Jade and their three dog children somehow, someway get Big Dave back in the WWE.

Even though he’s thriving in Hollywood, from both reports and rumors Batista really would like to come back to the WWE for one more run with the company. The latest news about Batista’s relationship with the WWE came post-WrestleMania 34 and it basically involved the company ghosting one of it’s most famous alumni.

Why would the WWE do this? Was the WWE aware of these family portraits when they decided to allegedly stop returning the calls of Batista?

Look at that face. How could you say no to that happy face?

Dressing up in matching human-to-pet patterned shirts and taking family photos makes us happy to Dave.

What are we doing here? Just give Big Dave all the titles WWE.