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Rusev cuts the friendliest face promo ever after SmackDown

Maybe the WWE simply can’t fight it anymore. You want it. I want it. The WWE Universe wants it. We all want to cheer Rusev, on Rusev Day, like the hero he is.

Rusev Day is fun to chant if you’re at a live WWE event. All the Rusev Day merch looks cool and is actually wearable out in public. Rusev, the man is an all around cool guy with a great sense of humor that people want to root for.

Has the WWE woken up to the underground movement of turning Rusev into the Bulgarian Baby Face?

Last night (Jun. 12) on SmackDown, Rusev won the battle versus Samoa Joe but lost the war to The Miz. This is nothing new. Whether he’s Russian, Bulgarian or has his own personal holiday, Rusev has lost more than he has won since joining the WWE main roster in 2014.

After the show went off air, Rusev conducted a backstage interview that was overly friendly and very charismatic.

Was that the seed for a Rusev face run? Will The Super Athlete lose at Money in the Bank this Sunday in sympathetic fashion? Our bodies are ready for Rusev to be a pro wrestling hero.

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