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Luke Harper sends Karl Anderson a creepy message about his wife

Did you know Karl Anderson is married to an attractive Asian woman? He barely ever mentions it so you may have missed it, but Luke Harper picked up on this Anderson footnote and is using it against his Money in the Bank opponent.

Though neither Anderson, Gallows, Harper, nor Rowan appeared on SmackDown last night to promote their tag title match this Sunday, that didn’t stop them from building something over on social media.

Harper fired the first shot, and it just reads as all kinds of creepy.

Anderson fired back and even brought his own hashtags to the party.

Getting kind of real there, Anderson.

Finally Rowan chimed in with a very Rowan tweet.

No word on if Gallows wants to get in on this beef as his last known social media post was a tweet about eating at a deli four days ago.

This isn’t the first time Harper has used creeping on another man’s wife to get into the head space of his opponent. Prior to the Greatest Royal Rumble, Harper set his sights on Naomi and Jimmy Uso, and it read just as creepy as you would think.

Maybe, Harper is onto something and the future of pro wrestling heel work is being a big old creep on social media. Hopefully not.

The Bludgeon Brothers put their SmackDown tag team titles on the line this Sun, Jun. 17, versus The Good Brothers at Money in the Bank.

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