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Daniel Bryan vs. Mike Jackson is suddenly a thing, but it shouldn’t be

Brie Bella went live on Instagram recently and her husband, Daniel Bryan, was there with her. At some point during the session, as ripped by Pro Wrestling Sheet here, Bryan brings up Mike Jackson. That’s the same Mike Jackson who beat up CM Punk at UFC 225 this past Saturday night in Chicago.

“Did they just ask me if I could beat Mike Jackson in a fight? The answer... I could beat him on the ground, for sure. I think.”

Bryan was laughing about it, so it seemed playful enough, although he’s spent a lot of time training, so maybe he actually believes this.

Naturally, it got back to Jackson, who took to social media to make something of it:

Bryan’s response:

We really don’t need to be bothering with this kind of nonsense, do we?

Jackson did a number on Punk but his performance was such that UFC President Dana White basically barred him from competing in the promotion again. This talk isn’t going to go anywhere, and it shouldn’t go anywhere, because it doesn’t do anything for anyone.

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